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Audible x Kindle collaboration to create an app formulated specifically for dyslexic and neurodiverse children. The app will allow young readers to both listen, and follow the text at the same time.

Before school story time on the radio. Have an 'Audible Achiever' read an extract from their favourite children's book in the ad break, providing inspiration for the day ahead. 


Audible x Kindle


Bringing together text and audio to support neurodiverse readers.

Gamification of reading


Completing each chapter of the book moves the reader on to the next level. 

Rulers, guides, font size, and font style will all be customisable.

Audible Achievers


Once the book has been completed, the reader will receive a personalised certificate.

Listening to an audiobook while following along with the text can actually help bridge the gap between decoding words and assigning meaning for kids with dyslexia.

Receiving information both visually and audibly reinforces word recognition, improves fluency, builds vocabulary and supports the development of higher level comprehension skills.

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