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Introducing Coptober. A month long awareness campaign during October which will encourage people to make checking their breasts a  part of their Friday night routine. The month will end with Coptoberfest, a live music event which will also act as a fundraiser.

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Step one

Coptober will launch by:


Partnering  with relevant celebrities and influencers who will encourage users to 'coppafeel' every Friday night


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Coppafeel x Coucou Souzette Pins

These pins will launch as a symbol of Coptober. A proceed of the profits will be donated directly to Coppafeel.


Step two


Coptober TikTok


Coppafeel's social channels will release an official Coptober dance which will demonstrate how to get to know your chest.

#coptober #thatfridayfeeling


Where will this be seen?


Posters will be placed on interactive billboards, on the back of bus seats, and in toilet cubicles located in pubs and clubs.



The Boob Tube

Strategic placement of installation signs in popular night out locations.

This sign will signal that Coppafeel volunteers are inside the station giving demonstrations on how to 

get that Friday feeling, whilst handing out Coppafeel themed 'night out essentials' kits.


Coppafeel will also hand out Coptober themed beer mats to independent pubs that illustrate how to 'cop a feel' and get that Friday night feeling.

Step three


Major magazines will feature a Coptober section in their October issue.


Step four

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