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Let the Gamez Begin.

We were tasked with making Flipz to gaming, what popcorn is to cinema. 


So we decided to gamify Flipz.


The Flipz pretzel has gone missing, can you find it?

57 Divisive Dishes

The nation is divided between ketchup purists, and those who put it on everything. Introducing Ketchup confessions. Heinz will introduce the public to 57 divisive dishes using ketchup, and dare the nation to be bolder with their ketchup usage.


The pop up restaurant will feature a taster menu of 57 different crowd sourced divisive dishes.

These dishes will be voted for on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Ketchup confession booths will pop up around the country as installations in city centres, encouraging people to confess to their devise uses of ketchup, and share them on social media.

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