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National Trust

The National Trust does not advertise well to the target market, nor does it highlight its facilities.


The solution? Trust Trips. An app with an analogue option, encouraging the target market to explore the open road and plan road trips across National Trust locations with friends.


Want an adventure? Need a lift?


To target people in cities, QR code stickers will be stuck on public transport to advertise the 'car pool' function of the app. This allows people with spare seats to advertise their journey to other NT members.

Trust Trips allows users to plan and map out road trips across National Trust locations. It advises interesting stops along the way, and allows users to create their own road trips, whilst also having the option to complete pre-made trips by travel influencers.

Users become a part of the NT Community, which allows them to share their location and road trip itinerary, incentivising community building among likeminded people.

Search Filters


Filters can be applied to search specific locations, such as 'Selfie Points', and 'TikTok locations'.

This will encourage users to share their trips on social media using the hashtag #NTroadtrips.

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